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My admin application

Post  Demonman on Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:08 pm

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ingame name:Demonman
age:17 tomarrow =)
what is the reason you want to become admin?:I want to help people and be a very good freind and help the server alot im learning to script
what do you do if you see another admin abusing powers?:I would ask them to stop and if they countined to do it i would tell crystal or mikey right away
what would you do if somone hacked?:Instant Ban
what do you do if somone is offencive to you?:I would ask them to stop and if they didnt i would tell crystal or mikey
why would you freeze somone?:For dming
give me 5 examples to ban somone from the server?:Hacking,Dming,Spamming,Cussing(alot if i asked to stop), and Abusing army/cop powers
give me 5 examples you would kick somone from the server?:Spamming,Dming (to much),Hacking (once),cussing,Abusing powers
anything els you would like to add?:
I really hope i get this job so i can help out alot of people and i will be on watch all night/day if u need me to watch over the player thank you =)


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