Robbing Skills Infomation

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Robbing Skills Infomation

Post  Mikey on Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:07 am

I here some people are having trouble understanding the robbing skills, So I'll put them here for you.

Level 1 to 10 Pick pocket
OK this one you may rob 24-7 fuel station, quite easy to find, 1 is opposite ammunition near 4 dragons.

Level 10 to 20 ATM Hacker
You can now rob ATM machines, They can be found all over the LV island.

Level 20 to 30 Casino robbery
At this level, you can now rob casino's. 4 dragons is 1 of them.

Level 30 to 40 Expert robber.
At this level you are able to rob any think that can be robbed. Along with the bank, Opposite the multi-story car-park.

All players can do /rob ID at any level. But be warned, Where ever theirs criminal's, The police aren't far behind them. Smile


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